Dynamic experiment

Experimental device

Two instrumented catapults

crossbow catapult (100gr at 50m/s)

crossbow catapult ( 60m/s)

2000J instrumented catapult (dynamic experiment)

2000J instrumented catapult (dynamic experiment)

  • 5kg at 30m/s
  • 100g at 50m/s


Split hopkinson bar

  • three kind of hopkinson bar (aluminum, steel and viscoelastic)
  • bulge test apparatus with image correlation


  • two high speed camera 1,000,000 fps
  • high speed recording data

    hight speed camera

    hight speed camera


  • dynamic behavior law
  • shear, tensile, biaxial, and compressive test
  • impact on structure
  • test from steel aluminum
  • test on composite, wood and foam


  • Transport safety
  • LNG career safety
  • Crash-resistance
  • Impact of hail in wind turbine
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